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Hi! I'm Katie, I'm 27, I've been a Sailor Moon fan for almost 15 years, and I do translations and stuff. This blog started as a place for me to ramble about my goal to rewatch the entire Sailor Moon series and has evolved to be a general place for me to share my Sailor Moon love through translations of the latest news, amazing fanart and cosplay finds, memories of the anime/manga/myu, and anything unique and interesting I can find!


露娜【落書き by みえこ 小野咩子




露娜【落書き by みえこ 小野咩子



NEW Sailor Moon x Honey Salon Collaboration!! details:

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project Special Event

This was announced on Friday so I’m sure most of you have heard about it, but I haven’t seen a translation of the full announcement so here you go:

Original Source

"Nico Nico Super Conference 3" The guests of the Sailor Moon event has been decided! There will be presents and a live stream!!

A “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project Special Event” will take place during the “Nico Nico Super Conference 3.” The guests of the show have been decided!

First up we have the first appearance of the cast who will play the five Sailor Guardians in this summer’s “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” musical! This is your chance to get your first up close and personal look at the five guardians in their flashy costumes for this summer’s musical♪

Also appearing will be the director Munehisa Sakai and producer Yuu Kamiki from the new anime “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal” which will air across the world on Nico Nico Douga in July. On top of that editor of the original manga Fumio Osano aka Osabu will appear and this will be the only place you can hear the latest details about the new anime that you’ve been waiting for♪ The cast of the anime will also be announced during the event, so don’t miss it!!

In addition all of the attendees will receive a postcard with an illustration of the key visual for “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal”! 

For those who live far away and can’t make it to the event, we will be streaming it live on Nico Nico!

The “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project Special Show” is packed full of Sailor Moon goodness, so don’t miss it!

※Tickets are required to attend the event. Please see the details below.

[Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project Special Event]
Date and Time:4/27 (Sun) 16:00~
Location:Makuhari Messe, “Nico Nico Super Conference 3” area, Super Anime Area / Super Anime Stage
Guests:The cast playing the 5 Sailor Guardians in the musical “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”
   Munehisa Sakai (“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal” director)   Yuu Kamiki (“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal” producer)
   Fumio Osano (“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” manga editor)
Admission details:The first 500 people to arrive will be given tickets at 10:15 on 4/27 (Sun)
※For details on the location the tickets will be handed out, please visit the “Nioco Nico Super Conference 3 Official Site” link below.
※In order to enter the stadium you will need a ticket to “Nico Nico Super Conference 3”.

[Nico Nico Super Conference 3 Official Site]

[Nico Nico Live Broadcast “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project Special Event” broadcast page]
※In order to watch you must be a registered (free) member of Nico Nico Douga.

Just realized that sailormooncollectables’s original post of that Proplica voting entry already had a nice translation of the voting choices along with info about what season they’re from. It was just cut off in the reblog and I didn’t see it. Sorry guys >.> 




Premium Bandai is opening up the next PROPLICA to a vote!!!!

Vote here:

(last option is the STAR LOCKETTTTTT!!!!!! can I persuade everyone to include that in their vote?!?!?!?! :D)

I believe you can vote multiple times too!

The options read:



Choose the item you would like to be made next (you can check multiple items):
Cutie Moon Rod
Spiral Heart Moon Rod
Kaleidomoon Scope
Crystal Star Brooch
Cosmic Heart Compact
Moon Chalice
Prism Heart Compact
Pink Moon Stick
Chibimoon Copact
Crystal Carillon
Transformation Stick
Star Locket

Hit the green button to continue. Review your vote, then click the grey button to change anything or the green button to submit.



Ok, context: This is bonus footage from the final performance of what was known as the “First Stage” of the Sailor Moon musicals. After playing the role from the very first performance five years prior, Anza was graduating from Sailor Moon. Along with her, many other long-running performers were graduating from their roles, including Morino Ayako who had played Sailor Mercury from the beginning just as Anza had for Sailor Moon.

On this final performance, many extra fans turned up and weren’t able to get tickets which was very troubling to Anza and I’m sure many others involved in the show who wanted everyone to be able to share the experience. Eventually, they set up a live feed of the performance to be shown on a TV in the lobby of the theater so that everyone who couldn’t get tickets could still celebrate the end of the era.

And that’s just beautiful.

(Source: peachybeam)

PGSM Reunion - Sawai Miyuu Blog Translation

2014.04.16 - Original Entry Here

10 years is both a long and a short amount of time.

I might not need to say anything.

I think the pictures say it all.

My thoughts, your thoughts.

That’s all.

I’ll write more later if I feel like it.

"Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon."

I’m grateful to have met them all.

My best friends in our guardian poses.



solbyanka reblogged your post oshiokiyo Confesses 01 and added:

It’s not the new official art, it’s a Naoko Takeuchi original drawing, get some respect please!! -_-

Is it? Well, regardless, I don’t like it. It doesn’t look appealing to me, sorry. Takeuchi has drawn much better digital art and if she drew this (which it really looks like fanart more than Takeuchi’s art) then I’m disappointed. But its my opinion. I think you need to have respect over other peoples opinion instead of telling them to have respect for having an opinion that does not harm you in any way. 

I haven’t seen anything that indicated the art was drawn by Takeuchi - or who it was drawn by at all. It was simply post on the 20th anniversary official website under the animation website with the logo for the new anime stamped on it, so it’s a pretty logical assumption that it was meant to be official artwork for the anime. Was there a tweet from the staff or something indicating it was drawn by Takeuchi? 

Even if it was, Takeuchi Naoko is not some magnificent goddess who can do no wrong. There is zero reason why we should all have to like something simply because she drew it. She’s a talented artist and story writer and I’m sure all Sailor Moon fans agree that we enjoy her work and are grateful she created such a lasting story. I’m also certain that most all Sailor Moon fans can think of at least one thing, small or large, drawn or written by Takeuchi that we didn’t care for. There is nothing at all disrespectful about not liking something she did. It all comes down to how the opinion is expressed. As long as the person isn’t throwing around personal insults or being crude they’re being plenty respectful.

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